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File 140198553978.png - (35.32KB , 600x700 , keep-calm-and-stop-shitposting.png )
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Here is a simple guide to posting on 180chan. (If you are new to posting on an imageboard).

DO NOT USE [IMG] http://....url.image [/IMG]
OR [URL] ..... [/URL]


To start a thread use an image, imagehosts ARE ALLOWED and encouraged, usually 3 imagehost preview links for each set up to 10 image host links.

DO NOT POST MULTIPLE THREADS IN A SESSION!!! DON'T BE A BOARDHOG, if you have 4 sets to post don't just scatter them all over the board as each their own thread (I will probably delete them), instead it is recommended you make the other posts as replies to the thread you started or already have going.

Don't post sets in other peoples threads, make your own, you only need one or two threads, unless you post alot, and alot of replies.

Bumping with preview pics is allowed.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 13964134555.png - (39.03KB , 600x700 , keep calm.png )
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Rule 1: Nudity is not allowed, no links to nude sets through fileshares even, or pics of nudity on pic sharing sites.

Nudity includes visible genitals or breasts! See through is not allowed either!

Rule 2: No sexualised images of any person under 18 permitted. No stripping, no lewd activity, this should be common sense.

Rule 3: Report content violating the rules, and specify in the text box next to the report, unless it's glaringly obvious, then just a report will do.

Rule 4: I/we/180chan staff reserve the right to delete any content or comment posted here.
(though this right won't be abused I assure you.)

Linkbucks and Adfly are permitted on this board.

Discussion is allowed, lewd discussion is not allowed.
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EVERY other UPLOADED.NET post must be accompanied by a mirror, either rapidgator, tusfiles, deposit, livecloud, zippy or etc...

Will be deleting threads that only have UL.TO and uploaded in the coming days... unless i see posters complying with this rule

Livecloudz is now a 45 minute wait between downloads .

Due to abuse of the shortlinks, many shortlinks are now banned words.

File 140644286642.jpg - (848.28KB , 1000x1500 , vhf08.jpg )
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I trust you approve?
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File 140649027261.jpg - (72.32KB , 454x198 , Untitled.jpg )
>> No. 10895
Well I don't approve. There's far to much swimsuit and not nearly enough Hanna.
>> No. 10897
YES!!! i approve

File 140311387063.jpg - (39.55KB , 167x250 , folder.jpg )
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Eva Little Kitty
Pass: heaven
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>> No. 10867

It was what he said, but this is not a casual collector´s thread. This is a colector´s thread, with sets of full filesize to download, the previews are not posted to be collected, are posted to give a little idea of what the set is about (the model, the outfit and the place).

If you are a casual collector I don´t understand what are you doing here. I would understand you downloading the sets and then picking a few pics you like and deleting the rest, but being here to save thumbnails...that´s not the reason for this post.

And when someone starts to report one of the most freeusers friendly host because he don´t want to download full sets or his almost inexistent intelligence is not enough for him to be able to do so, or because he came to a collectors post to be a casual collector to keep the thumbnails and previews well, that person (I know it was not you, it was the autor of the deleted post) is stupid, plain and simple
>> No. 10868
Strange that he never specifies which files these "reposters" have "stolen" from "him" and that he refuses to be at all specific about where he posted them. Could it be that if he did the agencies could more easily identify and blacklist him for sharing files that he agreed not to share at the time of purchase? Seriously. If he wasn't posting anything to begin with there would be no issue at all.
To merely call him unhinged is to be very kind.
>> No. 10891

Grow up /b/tard troll.

Never understand why the Mods will delete a relevant debate, yet continually approve obvious troll bait posts with childish /b/ images.

File 140330890843.jpg - (358.21KB , 2048x1360 , Kate Model Sets 1-36.jpg )
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1-23 Sets
Password: Kate
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>> No. 10800
File 140642766116.jpg - (145.81KB , 1920x1080 , Lexie Red Hott HD.jpg )
Video - Red Hott HD
Password: Lexie
>> No. 10801
File 140642770730.jpg - (200.35KB , 1060x1592 , Kayley Model Sets 53-58.jpg )
53-54 http://link-safe.net/folder/21e208f5-aa53
55-56 http://link-safe.net/folder/9fa168df-3bf8
57-58 http://link-safe.net/folder/e1e9a952-21d4
Password: Kayley
>> No. 10876
File 140648811564.jpg - (285.31KB , 1068x1608 , Lexie Model Sets 137-142.jpg )
137-138 http://link-safe.net/folder/a36c05f0-4ad9
139-140 http://link-safe.net/folder/bb164d05-4453
141-142 http://link-safe.net/folder/f35a8554-a148
Password: Lexie

File 140627087089.gif - (11.90KB , 121x125 , 140566933051s.gif )
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Can anybody post these two vids or all or any vids they may have of her? Cant seem to find her anywhere.

File 140628733659.jpg - (147.43KB , 640x360 , tpic for the title post.jpg )
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>> No. 10857
File 140646422567.jpg - (962.43KB , 2000x3000 , TM_Melissa_teacher_001.jpg )
>> No. 10858
File 140646434493.jpg - (395.80KB , 1000x1400 , silver-angels_cover-Kuroki-cosplay-1.jpg )
>> No. 10882
File 140649515026.jpg - (556.10KB , 1200x840 , kuroki cliffs plm.jpg )

File 140519883325.jpg - (779.16KB , 2592x3888 , Madison.jpg )
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>> No. 10880
Impressive work. Unfortunate the links aren't suitable for everyone, but it is what it is.

I spent the money and got premium with fileom even though i already have subscription to Alldebrid and real-debrid...neither has support for fileom :'(

oh well, worth it imo.
Thanks very much.
>> No. 10889

What bloody good does it do to post the most "complete and accurate FReastern set collection" if you use such a horrible and restrictive file host? Money isn't the only issue with people, but the time spent waiting to DL what they want. Unlike the guy with no cash, I only have 30 minutes every few days to be online and can't spend all day waiting on such a f**king poor host like most of you! And NO ONE should have to pay to DL this material, especially for "convenience.. unless you're the original agency owner recouping cash.

Get over yourself.
>> No. 10890

Do you know that anon personally? Maybe he/she is working extra jobs to make ends meet. Maybe unlike you, they don't spend 12 hours a day f@pping to this stuff. Are you independently wealthy or have your parents still supporting you? Not everyone has the same living situation. Think about that next time you want to share a totally useless opinion...

File 140473185329.jpg - (832.54KB , 1200x1800 , BellaK30_005.jpg )
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Check this out. I've never seen another vid like it.
On Zippy. No pass.
It'll make you smile.
Pic sort of related.
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>> No. 10796
Yes, the whole video is awesome. I think my favorite parts are- at the beginning where you get to hear her adorable voice, and the part where she is trying to jump and throw her leg on the top of a chair and laughing.
>> No. 10828
File 140644710769.jpg - (341.44KB , 1677x838 , bella-2013-07-17_mp4.jpg )
>> No. 10879
I guess candydoll is behind this

File 139799308947.jpg - (346.48KB , 1200x1600 , y056-148.jpg )
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All collections:

In the T X T files are links to the target files
All links are worked. Enjoy.
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>> No. 10716
thanks, but im on a very unstable wifi and cant dl much at a time. I think these links are dead btw. any chance or reupping y114
>> No. 10861
File 140647066625.jpg - (233.44KB , 1200x1600 , m018_022.jpg )
>> No. 10886
File 140649749545.jpg - (109.61KB , 1200x1600 , m043-109.jpg )

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