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File 143679510019.jpg - (79.80KB , 867x1300 , 53112062_img_4128.jpg )
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File 143679181724.jpg - (239.30KB , 864x1296 , a (7).jpg )
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Anybody have her sets? PLS... Post.....

File 143651283367.jpg - (81.00KB , 960x960 , 2e707b4b.jpg )
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Am I the only one who thinks fashion land is fake? In fact I'm 95% sure it's a fake scam site. I looked at their site and see their sets from the background of the pictures it has silvers/candydoll/tmtv theme. I even found a few sets from TMTV and silvers that are apparently apart of their sets. Not to mention a few videos which havent been renamed to their indexed sets such as 'Alissa Bunny' And 'Alission Neon Green'

Now look at the logo you can tell it is trying to crop out the tmtv logos as well as the silver logos... Now unless this site is related to candydoll it shouldnt be doing this..

Now can someone tell me differently?
>> No. 2202
I'm not sure.Many people say that there were buying sets.
For example, Mika have new sets and video in this site.Any sets reup from TMTV.
I think it's just the work of one and the same photographer
>> No. 2257
File 14365590649.jpg - (280.92KB , 768x1024 , pm-009-001.jpg )

Its why I keep banning the guy all to fuck. Please report this guy each time you see him. Thomas keeps pretending to be all these people here "praising" his shitty little site.

I recommend reporting his site, also to his host, and to anybody whos willing to listen. Also make sure to report his youtube channel.

He's nothing more than a panhandler trying to peddle his overpriced merchandise here.
>> No. 2258
File 143655918538.jpg - (225.38KB , 768x1024 , pm-009-013.jpg )

All people under the same IP? Because thats the only ones I see "praising him" and claiming "they" have "bought sets" there.

Tell me something else, if he's such a swell dude why won't he just share his crap here for free? Why does he keep promoting his shit to buy here?

And why so expensively?

File 143656102698.jpg - (260.20KB , 429x640 , Hanna.jpg )
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Hanna - 3 Sets

Hanna Pink Leo
Preview: http://bit.ly/1IPNFWE
Download: http://lumload.com/l6a1ty3nlpso

Hanna Pink Ruffles
Preview: http://bit.ly/1fv45bS
Download: http://lumload.com/vs30cpyl8ccg

Hanna Pink Sparkle
Preview: http://bit.ly/1HkOWD4
Download: http://lumload.com/03jrk65me8yd

Pass: Palpatine
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File 143655788290.jpg - (735.95KB , 1338x2000 , khloe_model_angel_teenmodeling_tv_029.jpg )
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File 143650613174.jpg - (25.04KB , 400x300 , c697e1a7573d0604acf70096cd556e5c.jpg )
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Does anyone have the set full of crystal model you can put here please!

File 143649941261.jpg - (231.23KB , 899x1259 , silver-starlets-cover_Anastasia-blackstockings-1.jpg )
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File 143649758538.jpg - (608.78KB , 1000x1400 , silver-stars-cover_Khloe-tartanskirt-1.jpg )
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File 143649722949.jpg - (454.81KB , 1000x1400 , silver-stars-cover_Khloe-goldskirt-1.jpg )
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File 143649694312.jpg - (400.34KB , 1000x1400 , silver-stars-cover_Khloe-golddress-1.jpg )
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