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File 140267063948.png - (119.51KB , 235x235 , Candy_Doll_TV_Old_Portrait_Oksana.png )
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This post was created with the intention of trying to answer a question that surely plaguing our minds today: "For where are the old Candy Dolls?". I've read many things about his possible whereabouts. Going from "drugs" to "the porn industry". Regrettable facts, just ... Someone, preferably people from their countries of origin could, or would risk at least something about the subject. Unlike the current, which can be found on social networks, they simply disappeared. VK and even they can not be found. Unfortunately ...
>> No. 6092
"Unlike the current, which can be found on social networks, they simply disappeared. VK and even they can not be found. Unfortunately ..."

Not sure what you're going on about. In the past few years I've found virtually all of the old series 1 and 2 CD models on VK, starting with Yulia S and they still have open accounts. SonyaM and ValensiyaS tend to close their accounts pretty quickly because complete a-holes post their personal pics on image boards. Regardless, I can report that these girls still appear to be well adjusted young women. Some are married with kids (Natasha C, Svetlana T). A few of them are still mainstream fashion modeling, like Larisa H, and I find no proof that any of them are in the pr0n industry, unless they hide it real well.

I'm not sure where you "read many things about his possible whereabouts". Post a link to these conversations. Maybe you're getting them confused with other models from Vl@d or LS?
>> No. 6131
File 140285192034.png - (117.98KB , 394x322 , magnifying glass.png )
I have this curiosity because I much prefer the old the old Candy Doll series. I've seen some really cool videos of them, where they danced, sang, gave interviews etc ... In other words, they were more "interesting" and had a much more friendly appearance. Fortunately, I found the my favorite Candy Dolls in VK.com. And to have one added to my list of friends. But I wanted to know what happened to the other (Sasha Lipman, Valeriya Levytska, Lera Cicima ...). I did not want to let the memories of them die because of a large portion of users who only likes "asses". If you know what I ... In this post I will use a nickname and an e-mail. Contact us to talk about it. Thank you for understanding.

File 140215139790.jpg - (70.23KB , 564x860 , Abigail.jpg )
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Abigail (sas)

AbigailPhotoAlbum (2 sets)
prev: http://imagetwist.com/pcovovqp36ye/AbigailPhotoAlbum.jpg.html
DL: http://junocloud.me/bg9ntuhk0orq/AbigailPhotoAlbum.rar.html

AbigailPhotoAlbum 2 (2 sets)
prev: http://imagetwist.com/wgh8nbcjfezs/AbigailPhotoAlbum_2.jpg.html
DL: http://junocloud.me/whouznox4bo2/AbigailPhotoAlbum_2.rar.html

AbigailPhotoAlbum 3
prev: http://imagetwist.com/fo03munp35me/AbigailPhotoAlbum_3.jpg.html
DL: http://junocloud.me/f24ufxfizu44/AbigailPhotoAlbum_3.rar.html

AbigailPhotoAlbum 4
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>> No. 7830
File 140376462936.jpg - (138.07KB , 564x860 , Emma_055.jpg )
Emma (sas)

prev: http://imagetwist.com/xdcrz0f4gcvl/Emma_039.jpg.html
DL: http://junocloud.me/0gn7c5u4jbea/EmmaPhotoShoots.rar

EmmaPhotoShoots 2 (2 sets)
prev: http://imagetwist.com/lcvlaksuenhc/Emma_016.jpg.html
prev: http://imagetwist.com/li6f4aweaoe9/Emma_104.jpg.html
DL: http://junocloud.me/zq5afyvpt74d/EmmaPhotoShoots_2.rar

prev: http://imagetwist.com/yge5rizmkp0c/Emma_050.jpg.html
DL: http://junocloud.me/0uvrari0kx7c/EmmaSwimmingCostume.rar

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>> No. 7842
File 140377339439.jpg - (68.15KB , 564x860 , Evelyn_042.jpg )
Evelyn (sas)

EvelynPhotoShoots (2 sets)
prev: http://imagetwist.com/a1cxxfgspytc/Evelyn_065.jpg.html
prev: http://imagetwist.com/t3dq1txj7y3q/Evelyn_087.jpg.html
prev: http://imagetwist.com/q7yy3i70ijz3/Evelyn_108.jpg.html
DL: http://junocloud.me/5tcw3g24eqpz/EvelynPhotoShoots.rar

EvelynPhotoShoots 2 (2 sets)
prev: http://imagetwist.com/luhucuri90tn/Evelin_021.jpg.html
prev: http://imagetwist.com/9i2ttl7jbjhu/Evelin_111.jpg.html
DL: http://junocloud.me/od7q6jjs0j5g/EvelynPhotoShoots_2.rar

Mirror download (All shoots togheter):
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>> No. 7923
excellent thread please continue

File 140217863573.jpg - (78.02KB , 900x1200 , anya y148_036.jpg )
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>> No. 7884
You can always load the page, then allow certain permissions. Smart people don't have any problems using Firefox and extensions...
>> No. 7918

Right, Keep on babbling smarta$$. I know how Noscript works and how to allow certain permissions after the page loads. The site didn't work with FF no matter wrf I allowed. I wasn't going to spend the rest of my bloody short time that I have on the internet each day to experiment with other extensions so I tried another browser and finally got it to work. Satisfied, douche?

Now, do you have any more condescending remarks that you feel the need to post to make yourself appear smarter than others?
>> No. 7921
>>7549 >>7884

why the dick replies mate? is it hard for you to be helpful without being a jerk?

and why do these people even use websites where you need to allow javascript anyway? especially in this hobby! people need to get a clue from those sharing the more risque material on the other side of the web...

File 139799308947.jpg - (346.48KB , 1200x1600 , y056-148.jpg )
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All collections:

In the T X T files are links to the target files
All links are worked. Enjoy.
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>> No. 7823
File 140376152577.jpg - (324.06KB , 1200x1600 , m049-002.jpg )



pass to RAR: ichan
>> No. 7868
Lou had alot of what I've lost " long time " ago.
would love to see vladiput and his posts maybe they can fill other blanks.
>> No. 7911
File 140385023443.jpg - (311.18KB , 1200x1600 , m052-010.jpg )



pass to RAR: ichan

File 14037973251.jpg - (256.61KB , 1360x768 , Untitled.jpg )
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I have a photo set from Silver Sandrinya containing "144 pics". But when, I was download her cover in the site, I note that in this it's announced "143 pics", only. What's the correct quantity for this set? You can look in the photo. It's so strange...
>> No. 7859
The set that I have has 144 pictures plus the cover for 145 pictures. The most obvious conclusion is that they made a mistake.
>> No. 7864
Perhaps is it a hidden picture/file, have you tried to make appear the hidden file in you option ?
>> No. 7867
Amount of photos with the cover?
143 photos describes the full resolution photos.
144 photos usually includes the cover of the set

File 139725294512.jpg - (627.67KB , 1338x2000 , qeso_model_bluedress_teenmodeling_tv_059r.jpg )
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Blue dress set (in 2 files)
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>> No. 7605
Anyone who actually buys those sets from the agency... are they originally that huge of a file size? 8-9 meg images are kind of lame when were talking the average size monitor. Funny, I've seen smaller version of some of these gigantic pictures and I can't even see a difference (and I'm usually pretty picky about that kind of thing).

And don't get me started on Maxim's habit of selling 150 image sets where the model has 3 or 4 different poses...
>> No. 7815
I, too, find the lack of various poses to be disappointing. Sometimes their...um...assets are totally ignored.
>> No. 7816
File 140375508422.jpg - (2.17MB , 1739x2600 , qeso_model_whitedanceskirt_teenmodeling_tv_020.jpg )
I think the difference is how far you can zoom in without it getting noticeably pixelated. It's useful for looking closely at details, but negligible when viewing the entire photo on a normal-sized monitor.

Here's a photo that has been resized down to 1739 x 2600, 2.17 Mb. Compare it with the original (2676 x 4000, 4.94 Mb) available from i@candy.

File 140189623230.jpg - (507.68KB , 1540x2287 , 47232103_sunshine_101_200.jpg )
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seeking all pics of newstar sunshine 001-278
>> No. 6475
can somebody post newstar sunshine set 169
>> No. 7817
Yes I can.

File 14036328206.jpg - (123.25KB , 1168x1752 , 833Ella041_001.jpg )
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FF-Models Ella Set 041





Pass: 18Chan
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>> No. 7668
File 140363451939.jpg - (107.64KB , 1168x1752 , 779Ella045_001.jpg )
FF-Models Ella Set 045





Pass: 18Chan
>> No. 7669
File 140363499740.jpg - (163.61KB , 1168x1752 , 241Ella046_001.jpg )
FF-Models Ella Set 046





Pass: 18Chan
>> No. 7741
File 140371617322.jpg - (93.83KB , 1168x1752 , 475Ella047_001.jpg )
FF-Models Ella Set 047





Pass: 18Chan

File 140363087423.jpg - (8.24KB , 119x180 , 37847029_sunshine_124_055.jpg )
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seeking this set plz
>> No. 7705

pass: sunshine

File 140357386518.jpg - (403.42KB , 1587x1198 , Sweet Abby - Fur - HD.jpg )
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I don't believe this has been posted yet.

A truly stunning girl.



>> No. 7700
This was my first attempt at splitting a video.
Let me know if there's any problems.

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